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It is not possible to actually see the Goods purchased from AIVAR&MERIKE OÜ. Therefore, one of the most important measures for protection of the interests of the consumers in the field of e-commerce – the right to withdraw from the purchase and sale contract concluded by means of distance communication - is established by the legislation protecting the consumers' rights. For this a written notice shall be sent to the seller within seven working days after delivery date of the Goods. The purchaser shall have a right to withdraw from the contract without giving any reason, but on the following conditions: 

  • the seller is notified in writing about withdrawal from the contract; 
  • the notice is sent within a specific timeframe (seven working days); 
  • the item must not be damaged, i.e. its appearance shall be basically unchanged (shall be returned in original packaging).                                                               


The purchaser shall bear the cost of return of the Goods, which quality conforms to the requirements.   

Account administration -->My account -->History of orders --> Return and choose a reason for replacement/return and write in the box "Defect or other details" new product in the case of replacement and a more precise clarification in the case of return --> Tick the box ''I have read the Conditions & Privacy and I agree with these'' -->Send.

If you have not previously registered as a client, please fill out the form for return. 


Condition of the returned or replaced Goods 

The returned or replaced Goods must not be damaged. In case the returned Goods (and packaging of the Goods) is worsened and the worsening is caused by circumstances not attributable to AIVAR&MERIKE OÜ or as a result of abnormal use of the Goods, AIVAR&MERIKE OÜ shall have a right to set off the decreased value of the Goods against the sum which you have paid for the Goods and which shall be repaid to you. To set off, AIVAR&MERIKE OÜ shall send you a respective declaration.


The returned or replaced Goods must not have traces of use. In case it appears that the Goods are used, AIVAR&MERIKE OÜ shall be guided by a principle of reasonable use - provided that testing of the Goods was necessary to ascertain that the Goods are unsuitable, the Goods shall be deemed to be considered as not used. AIVAR&MERIKE OÜ shall have a right to set off the decreased value of the Goods caused by use of the Goods against the sum which you have paid for the Goods and which shall be repaid to you.


Differences in the case of replacement

In the case of replacement, we send the new Goods to you as soon as we have received the Goods to be replaced. The new Goods shall arrive to you as fast as in the case of normal purchase. 

AIVAR&MERIKE OÜ cannot always guarantee a possibility to replace the Goods, since the stock levels are changing and there might be no replacement Goods. But we use our best endeavours to ensure that the replacement is carried out in the best possible manner for the Customer.   


Guarantee and return of the Goods failing to conform to the requirements

In case the Goods fail to conform to the requirements or have deficiencies, you shall have a right to demand replacement of the Goods with the Goods conforming to the requirements and having no deficiencies or withdraw from the order and return the Goods failing to conform to the requirements at cost of AIVAR&MERIKE OÜ. AIVAR&MERIKE OÜ shall repay the cost of the returned Goods and the cost of transportation (both: initial and for returning) to your bank account (the money shall be returned to the same bank account, which was used for purchase) within 7-14 working days from the date of receipt of the returned Goods. Please send your complaint in writing or by e-mail to the address immediately, but not later than within two months from the discovery of the deficiency of the Goods. Please specify in the complaint:

Your name and contact details; 

Date of submission of the complaint; 

Deficiency of the Goods.


Claim lodged against AIVAR&MERIKE OÜ  

Add an order No. proving your purchase

Return/replacement by using Itella SmartPost parcel terminal

To return the parcel you need the same door code you received for collecting the Goods. To begin, please press "Press here to begin". Thereafter choose "Return a parcel". The terminal will ask the same code, by which the parcel was delivered. Thereafter the door opens and you can put the parcel in the closet. After closing the door, please press "Print a receipt", this shall prove the return of the consignment.  


Return/replacement by using Omniva parcel terminal

To begin, please press "Return the parcel". Enter a return code received by SMS or e-mail on the screen. Apply the printed address card on the parcel, which you can find from the below drawer of the terminal. Please put the parcel in the opened closet, close the door and confirm transfer of the parcel by pressing "Confirm". Print out the receipt if you so prefer. If the parcel has a bar code, it is sufficient to scan the bar code when later returning the parcel, you can enter the parcel number also manually.  


Return/replacement in post office

SMS or e-mail informing you about the arrival of the parcel contains a return code. You can return the parcel for free of charge by using this code. You can return the parcel irrespective of whether you received it from the parcel terminal, post office or by courier. Please leave an original the address card on the returned parcel.  


The Goods must be posted through Omniva parcel terminal, Itella SmartPost parcel terminal or post office to the address of AIVAR&MERIKE OÜ within the mentioned time limit. We shall refund you the money for the returned Goods within 7 working days from a timely arrival of the Goods. In case the amount of the order remains below 35 EUR after the return, the trader shall have a right to deduct a transportation cost in the sum of up to 2,59 EUR. 


Return or replacement of the Goods under the conditions of this contract shall be free of charge only within Estonia.  


In compliance with the Consumer Protection Act, AIVAR&MERIKE OÜ has an obligation to respond in writing within the period of 15 days.  Please find the Consumer Protection Act on


In case the seller and purchaser fail to reach a common agreement, it shall be possible to lodge a complaint here:



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